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First things first: YOU stole MY story, I’m stealing YOURS! (I know it wasn’t the same subject matter in Ray Comfort’s case, but I was actually going to write on basically everything he did ;-; )

Anyway Michelle Malkin got an ad pulled from Dunkin Donuts for… what else… the notion that by wearing a scarf, the main person portrayed in the commercial must be a Nazi, or something. (The correct something is a terrorist, Islamic terrorist)

This really made me wonder: what the hell, Dunkin?

I have never heard of something as irresponsible as an entire ad being removed from circulation because of a scarf. I’ve also not heard it claimed very often that certain types of scarves are only warn by Islamic terrorists. I guess that’s the liberal media, at it again, brainwashing me to hate America.



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Florida state Senator Rhonda Storms has been in the atheist blogosphere a lot recently for her introduction of the much despised Academic Freedom bill.

Academic Freedom, as I’ve said prior, is nothing of the sort.

Academic Freedom is deceptively named. It is made to allow people to criticize evolutionary theory. This would be OK, but as we know evolution is a heated topic outside of the scientific community. Like any other theory (including gravity!) we will never know everything about it. By teaching what we don’t know instead of what we do, this opens the doors for people to ask why we’re teaching it if there is so much doubt.

This, as we know, leads to people calling for: alternatives. There is no alternative to evolution except the religious and non-scientific intelligent design.

The Discovery Institute is using their failure of a film, Expelled, to plug their Academic Freedom bills.

That should tell you something. An intelligent design lobbying group is using an intelligent design film to plug a bill about “academic freedom.” Everything is going together to get intelligent design in schools, and people like fucking Rhonda Storms know this. That’s why they support it.

Storms refused to answer repeated direct questions from senate Democrats as to whether teachers would be permitted to teach intelligent design under her bill and whether she believes that intelligent design meets its criteria for ‘scientific information’.

From Wikipedia.

It’s clear that the discovery institute knows what it’s doing and Rhonda Storms does too. The problem is that it’s illegal and dishonest. These good Christian people are really, really going to hell.

Again: Fuck Rhonda Storms.

We’ve got a new person on the list.

  1. Kirk Cameron
  2. Dr. Jason Lisle
  3. Lee Strobel
  4. Ray Comfort
  5. Rhonda Storms

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Ending the day of Saturday, May 24th, and looking ahead to Monday, May 26th for the new Venom record entitled “HELL”, I would like to ask a question to all my atheistic readers: let’s try to understand them.

Some of us have been christians, muslims, et cetera, and then… grew up. We realized, whether wrong or right, that life doesn’t require fairytales to explain, nor does the complexity of it, or existence of the universe at all. I concede that I myself do not know everything. I also concede that science doesn’t. But we (science and I) do know quite a lot.

For example: did you know that sandcastles, airplanes, and likewise are absolutely nothing like human DNA? Did you know that they’re made in no way similar to how we’re ‘created’?

Well, let’s forget all of this science hogwash, and take our journey into the realm of creationism.


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I think I should keep this one short since everyone will realize how absurd this is without much explanation, so here you go…


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I was watching some Youtube clips from people similar to Kirk Cameron and his buddy Ray Comfort (who I’ll be blogging on shortly), and I found one of my favorite Creationist loons: Lee Strobel!


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I got my reply:


Your account has been disabled because your affiliation with your high school network was not successfully confirmed within 60 days of joining Facebook.  We take this policy very seriously, since network verification is one of the best ways to ensure that our site remains safe from abuse.  Unfortunately, you will not be able to regain access to your account. This decision is final.

Thanks for your understanding,

User Operations

Thanks, Alyssa, for keeping a user banned because they don’t have the mental capacity to stay in a public school. Thanks, Alyssa, for not realizing that people who are homeschooled are in the millions. Thanks, Alyssa, for not understanding that the reason I’m not in school is due to underlying mental issues.

I’ve had socialization problems forever. Being around people gave me panic attacks. There’s much more that I’d rather not get into.

Clearly, Facebook is made up of incompetent fools.

Oh well. No one cares about one person being done wrong, so when this happens to Kevin Rose’s child, then it’ll be frontpage news on Digg.

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On WordPress, there are many cool features. How many hits you get per day are tracked, how many hits per article, and where they come from.

Usually my hits come from other blogs or out of thin air. Sometimes I’ll get a search or two (yesterday was a record day with about 20 searches), and sometimes I’ll get an interesting one.

Like this.

someone on facebook giving head

That’s right. Someone searched… that… and found my blog. Thanks, internet, for yet another sleepless night.

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