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That’s not what he said.

Clearly, errors in translation between forms of intelligent life and lesser lifeforms are bound to be riddled with errors. Take, for example, the conversion of dog barks to English.

Dog: Bark bark woof bark bark

In English: Hi, my name is Sparky!

That’s not a literal translation, it’s just the best I can translate it given that he’s a lower life form and what he really said was actually along the lines of “Sparky, Hello <unintelligible> I’m Dog!”

We see where translation errors come from, when taken into account different point of views often cause such errors, and there’s a case I’ve seen with the Disco ‘tute that is really beyond belief. Only click through if you’re ready to have your IQ drop by about ten points. I’m not sure if my way of explaining can clear it up well enough to save your IQ points, so yeah…



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No, this is not the introduction to a movie based on blues delta musician Robert Johnson, this is about what the interviewees were told based on what is known.

Many of the nice scientific folks interviewed, including both Richard Dawkins and PZ Myers were, to my understanding, told originally that Expelled was a movie called Crossroads at the time of the interviews.

As many have pointed out, this is just completely, and utterly false. I believe those interviewed were given interviews in the summer (bookmark that word) of 2007… What was found out next is interesting.


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In Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, many are interviewed. Many being many scientists. I’m not sure on the technical specs as I haven’t seen it yet and won’t be paying a single cent to see it, so I can only await for third-party reviews with the full cast. Yes, I’m sure the full cast is around here somewhere, probably on IMDb or something.

Anyway, among those interviewed are two people whom I respect higher than the highest high (read: Jimi Hendrix is nothing to this high): PZ Myers and Richard Dawkins.

Apparently, however, something went awry at a recent screening and it has lead to a firestorm in which the facts are easily available, but as usual, people, usually creationists, tend to ignore.


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As the PBS documentary Intelligent Design on Trial shows, intelligent design is nothing but creationism in a cheap tuxedo.

The scientific community shows overwhelming acceptance of evolution, with 99% of scientists in all fields accepting it as essentially scientific truth. Intelligent Design, on the other hand, is the opposite of such:

The unequivocal consensus in the scientific community is that intelligent design is not science but pseudoscience.

For more on this issue, see Intelligent Design.


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