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William Dembski is one of the IDiots and one of its most notable, public, etc. proponents. ID is a pseudo-science that claims life is too complex to have arisen at random. That means, apparently, that it must have been designed. Sound like anything you’ve heard of prior to discovering ID? Thought so.

In other words, life couldn’t evolve, so god did it. But thanks to a 1987 court ruling on creation science, any mention of god or creation is completely forbidden, so they had to think of a new way to get creationism into class. So they took a creation science textbook, later known as Of Pandas and People, and put the buzz words “intelligent design” in the place of all mentions of creation, creationism, etc.

In the 2005 Kitzmiller vs. Dover trial, early editions of this textbook were released that show, in the IDeist community’s own words, that creationism is the same as ID. They changed no definitions, just words: creation to intelligent design, creationism to intelligent design, creationists to design proponents.



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Just like the Disco tute’s blind Wedge Document, a broader detailing of the Wedge Strategy, I’ve made up my own legal term: Now the Candle Burns at both Ends.

But what does it mean?

The term mutually assured destruction is one that I would reference. The reason why the US doesn’t destroy Russia or Russia the US is because they know that whoever made the move first would have started a war that ends in nuclear war. At least, this seems likely. Nuclear war means no more humans. Instead of one losing the battle, they both lose out. That’s the basic tenant of mutually assured destruction.


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I’m a regular visitor to my good friend Ray Comfort’s blog. He’s a very smart guy who believes in young Earth Creationism and has actually said you can’t be a Christian if you are one for an extended period of time and still ‘believe’ in evolution.

OK, in his defense, I’m not sure whether or not he used the micro- vs. macro- evolution save. If the opportunity presents itself, I’m sure he did. After all, he knows viruses evolve and wants to use our medicine to extend his very valuable life, but doesn’t believe in that heathen part where humans evolved from monkeys.

God damn it man, I’m almost at nerves end reading this guy’s blog. Before someone decides to defend him, let me just say that I’m sure he’s a completely normal and cool guy if you know him, sinner or not. No, really. But for all intents and purposes, Ray Comfort is a douche like no other, with the possible exception of his partner in anti-crime, Kirk “Dumbass” Cameron.


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Tomorrow, June 18th, I visit the legendary Creation Museum. I’d explain more but I’m pressed for time and sure you already know all about it, which is why you’re here.

So sometime in the next few days expect a write up, some pics, and possibly a vid or two. Shall I buy any merchandise? Shirts? Hats? Seriously — I want opinions! I’d love to walk around in Creation Museum garb for fun.

Almost here!

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OK, I haven’t gone just yet, but I will be going fairly soon. I’ve put it off for as long as I could, but upon our trip to CEI (the eye institute of some Cincinnati place in Ohio…) a few days ago, I saw a commercial for the Creation Museum.

I wasn’t going to go at all, but since I’m a whore who desperately needs attention, I’m going to go sometime in the next month, hopefully. I’ll get some good pictures, maybe a video or two, some shirts, etc. All posted here for your viewing pleasure.

In the words of the immortal Paul McCartney, “Drag, isn’t it?”

The Creation Museum, ran by the fools at Answers in Genesis, supported by the IDeists at the Discovery Institute, is a mockery of true science and reason. However, they’ve got the right to say whatever they like. In fact, if I don’t like it, I can protest, but if I want to shut them down they’ve got every right to tell me to shove it up my ass.

But I don’t. As much as I hate it, I’m looking forward to seeing the fundamentalists, the legion of Jesus fishies in the parking lot, and the middle-aged housewives trying to tell their kids what is real and what the evil scientists have made up to destroy faith.

Oh god… it burnssssssssssss.

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Intelligent Design isn’t only hated by critics (i.e. the whole of the scientific community) for being blatantly pseudo-science. It’s also hated for being like a bad parade. There are trucks carrying gigantic designs that look cool at first, but then you realize it’s just a bunch of drawings on cardboard held up on both sides of the trucks. In fact, it’s not even 3D. It’s just… drawn.

This, my friends, is just like intelligent design.


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Florida state Senator Rhonda Storms has been in the atheist blogosphere a lot recently for her introduction of the much despised Academic Freedom bill.

Academic Freedom, as I’ve said prior, is nothing of the sort.

Academic Freedom is deceptively named. It is made to allow people to criticize evolutionary theory. This would be OK, but as we know evolution is a heated topic outside of the scientific community. Like any other theory (including gravity!) we will never know everything about it. By teaching what we don’t know instead of what we do, this opens the doors for people to ask why we’re teaching it if there is so much doubt.

This, as we know, leads to people calling for: alternatives. There is no alternative to evolution except the religious and non-scientific intelligent design.

The Discovery Institute is using their failure of a film, Expelled, to plug their Academic Freedom bills.

That should tell you something. An intelligent design lobbying group is using an intelligent design film to plug a bill about “academic freedom.” Everything is going together to get intelligent design in schools, and people like fucking Rhonda Storms know this. That’s why they support it.

Storms refused to answer repeated direct questions from senate Democrats as to whether teachers would be permitted to teach intelligent design under her bill and whether she believes that intelligent design meets its criteria for ‘scientific information’.

From Wikipedia.

It’s clear that the discovery institute knows what it’s doing and Rhonda Storms does too. The problem is that it’s illegal and dishonest. These good Christian people are really, really going to hell.

Again: Fuck Rhonda Storms.

We’ve got a new person on the list.

  1. Kirk Cameron
  2. Dr. Jason Lisle
  3. Lee Strobel
  4. Ray Comfort
  5. Rhonda Storms

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