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I know I end up saying much on the subject regarding every supposed ex-atheist I can find, but it’s a subject that just keeps on giving. Just once I would like to find a now-Creationist and ex-atheist who actually understands evolution.

But it’s not this guy.

Since Darwin put forth his original theory, scientists have sought fossil evidence indicating past organic transitions. Nearly 150 years later, there has been no evidence of evolutionary transition found thus far in the fossil record. In Darwin’s own words, if his theory of “macro-evolution” were true, we would see a vast number of fossils at intermediate stages of biological development. In fact, based on standard mathematical models, we would see far more transitional forms in the fossil record than complete specimens. However, we see none — not one true transitional specimen has ever been found.

Either he’s intentionally ignorant or just lying.



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On FSTDT, we have our own saying that we took from futurama. When a fundie explains evolution or the big bang wrong, as not a single one of them has gotten it right, we say that or a variation thereof. For instance: the big bang does not work that way!

Evolution explains something observed in nature: species are not fixed. Through different environments in nature, species adapt over time into completely new types of animal. Or just die out, but the ones we care about are the ones that adapted.

Anyway, evolution seems to be a pretty simple concept, yes? Well, groups like Answers in Gensis have been fighting it since like the 1980s and still don’t have a firm grasp on it.


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Rush Limbaugh is an anti-intellectual fat snob who deserves nothing less than the constant shun of every community he claims to be a part of as well as the intellectuals whom he despises so. He shows an incredible misunderstanding of science and basically everything else in reality.

In an article of his, he talks about the Higgs boson and completely distorts what the Higgs boson actually is. It’s not a particle to prove god. It’s something that exists in the insane field of quantum physics. The physics of how things work at a sub-atomic level. Quantum physics is largely theoretical, so we’re still trying to directly prove something that we know exists via mathematics.

But what is it?


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Having a date set at the last moment is a bad thing. Things went wrong, and I couldn’t go to the Creation Museum. Regardless, a new date has been set well in advanced: July 15th.

See you then.

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Once upon a time, several years ago, I had an alien experience.

I was outside at my old house. Probably 2002. We lived in the hills and there wasn’t too much light polution and rarely did anything interesting happen at night or otherwise. I think the most interesting thing that happened other than this was that my dad happened to see a black bear. I think I caught a glimpse of it.


I was outside and just looking around, for no apparent reason, at night. My grandma’s house was above, my uncle had a house below, and hills surrounded us in a U shape (with our house being in the middle of the U and my grandma’s house being at the “bottom” of the U).

So I heard something, looked up and saw your semi-traditional UFO type of thing. It was triangular, had one light at each end, big light, was probably 400 or so feet up in the air and wasn’t too loud, as a traditional airplane would be at that height. It was gone as quickly as it came.

I was scared shitless.

But I didn’t get abducted, no one performed experiments on me, I didn’t get radiation burns, and I’m still not sure what it was.

Whatever it was though, it’s safe to say that there could be much that I’m missing about the situation. Such as, thinking back, had I watched a show about aliens? Had I seen a plane and thought it was something else? Was anything there at all? Did my mind play tricks on me?

Who knows.

All I can safely say is… it would make me more inclined to believe in Earth-bound aliens than Jeff Peckman’s footage. But I don’t. Just because I couldn’t and can’t yet identify what I saw (if anything, truly) doesn’t mean I should jump to the extreme of calling it an alien.

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There’s this story going around that says someone’s infrared camera caught an unexpected visitor. An Alien. That footage hasn’t been shown to the public it seems, but there has been a picture released and an analysis. For those, click here.

Quite frankly, I believe this whole thing is quite dumb.


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Ending the day of Saturday, May 24th, and looking ahead to Monday, May 26th for the new Venom record entitled “HELL”, I would like to ask a question to all my atheistic readers: let’s try to understand them.

Some of us have been christians, muslims, et cetera, and then… grew up. We realized, whether wrong or right, that life doesn’t require fairytales to explain, nor does the complexity of it, or existence of the universe at all. I concede that I myself do not know everything. I also concede that science doesn’t. But we (science and I) do know quite a lot.

For example: did you know that sandcastles, airplanes, and likewise are absolutely nothing like human DNA? Did you know that they’re made in no way similar to how we’re ‘created’?

Well, let’s forget all of this science hogwash, and take our journey into the realm of creationism.


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