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I know I end up saying much on the subject regarding every supposed ex-atheist I can find, but it’s a subject that just keeps on giving. Just once I would like to find a now-Creationist and ex-atheist who actually understands evolution.

But it’s not this guy.

Since Darwin put forth his original theory, scientists have sought fossil evidence indicating past organic transitions. Nearly 150 years later, there has been no evidence of evolutionary transition found thus far in the fossil record. In Darwin’s own words, if his theory of “macro-evolution” were true, we would see a vast number of fossils at intermediate stages of biological development. In fact, based on standard mathematical models, we would see far more transitional forms in the fossil record than complete specimens. However, we see none — not one true transitional specimen has ever been found.

Either he’s intentionally ignorant or just lying.



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On FSTDT, we have our own saying that we took from futurama. When a fundie explains evolution or the big bang wrong, as not a single one of them has gotten it right, we say that or a variation thereof. For instance: the big bang does not work that way!

Evolution explains something observed in nature: species are not fixed. Through different environments in nature, species adapt over time into completely new types of animal. Or just die out, but the ones we care about are the ones that adapted.

Anyway, evolution seems to be a pretty simple concept, yes? Well, groups like Answers in Gensis have been fighting it since like the 1980s and still don’t have a firm grasp on it.


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I love this video, and if it’s propaganda for Expelled (as many have speculated over a period of many months), it’s no doubt a hundred times better than Expelled could have ever been.

The elite here is comprised of: Richard Dawkins, Eugenie Scott, Daniel Dennett, Charles Darwin, PZ Myers, Sam Harris, and Christopher Hitchens.

My personal favorite character is Sam Harris, I think the grillz are funny. But Dennett is funny in anything like this, because he looks like Santa but most religious would tell you he embodies Satan instead. Also, when he comes out of nowhere and says “YEAH!”, I laughed hard. Of course, that particular “YEAH!” is seemingly taken from the Anthrax song I’m The Man. I could be wrong, though.

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William Dembski is one of the IDiots and one of its most notable, public, etc. proponents. ID is a pseudo-science that claims life is too complex to have arisen at random. That means, apparently, that it must have been designed. Sound like anything you’ve heard of prior to discovering ID? Thought so.

In other words, life couldn’t evolve, so god did it. But thanks to a 1987 court ruling on creation science, any mention of god or creation is completely forbidden, so they had to think of a new way to get creationism into class. So they took a creation science textbook, later known as Of Pandas and People, and put the buzz words “intelligent design” in the place of all mentions of creation, creationism, etc.

In the 2005 Kitzmiller vs. Dover trial, early editions of this textbook were released that show, in the IDeist community’s own words, that creationism is the same as ID. They changed no definitions, just words: creation to intelligent design, creationism to intelligent design, creationists to design proponents.


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Bill Donohue continues on his anti-science, anti-PZ tirade with this new statement from the Catholic League. Of course, PZ, being awesome as he is, has already noted their response and torn it to shreds, here.

But me being me, I’m not done yet. I can’t simply give this one over to the overly rational and not near insane enough Myers, can I? Of course not!

First they start off with a title like this:


What? One PZ Myers has received threats against his person for a cracker. Do you not get it? There is no hysteria when someone is threatened over a goddamn cracker. Especially when it’s not just their property, but their very being! And over a cracker!

Not only that, you assbackwards motherfuckers are trying to take his job… Over the same goddamn crackers. If that’s fucking hysteria, you have every right to call us hysterical, but it sounds to me like the Catholic League is the hysterical bunch, emphasis on Bill Donohue.

He continues…

Myers went on Houston radio station KPFT last night saying that Bill Donohue has ‘declared a fatwa’ against him. He should know better—I don’t need others to do the fighting for me. I’m quite good at it myself.  But he’d better be careful what he says, because if I get any death threats, it won’t be hard to connect the dots.

Bill Donohue, you douche, if you could do the fighting yourself there would be no need to make a public statement for a group of people… and oh yeah, he’s already gotten death threats. But he’s not yet suing you or the Dumbfuck League!

Myers, who claims expertise in studying zebrafish, has quite a following among the King Kong Theory of Creation gang. Indeed, we’ve been inundated with hate mail from all over the world, and it all stems from those whose alleged god is reason.

King Kong? OH, HAHA, I GET IT! AN EVOLUTION REFERENCE! Donohue, you funny, funny man, you!

There is no god, but reasoning is key in getting people to hate foolish men like you who are truly disgusting, lying, fat pigs. You threaten PZ’s job, people threaten him, then you call us the hysterical bunch despite our concern over someone’s hard earned job and very life. That’s the ultimate in douchebaggery. You win at it, Donohue.

As a result of the hysteria that Myers’ ilk have promoted, at least one public official is taking it seriously. Thomas E. Foley is chairman of Virginia’s First Congressional District Republican Committee, a delegate to the Republican National Convention and one of two Republican at large nominees for Virginia’s Electoral College. His concern is for the safety of Catholics attending this year’s Republican National Convention in Minneapolis, Myers’ backyard. Accordingly, Foley has asked the top GOP brass to provide additional security while in the Twin Cities so that Catholics can worship without fear of violence. Given the vitriol we have experienced for simply exercising our First Amendment right to freedom of speech, we support Foley’s request.

…and the First Amendment right to freedom of speech doesn’t go for PZ Myers and his supposed “ilk”, too? Why not? Is it your god given right as a Catholic to be able to speak but no one else? In fact, why would you ever think we would be capable of being violent? PZ has gotten death threats from your ilk, and you only assume you’ll be getting some from ours, which you undeniably will sooner or later.

We already know that Myers lost one round: the university has removed the link to his blog from his faculty page. He should be prepared to lose a few more rounds. By the way, Myers says he is delighted to have finally garnered my attention. Too bad I can’t say the same—I never heard of the guy until yesterday.

Where were his First Amendment rights when his blog link was removed… for abusing a goddamn cracker?

If anything, this whole debacle highlights the hateful attitude, the hateful ethos, and just how generally hateful religion can be. Bill Donohue and the Catholic League are hypocrites on the top level, the ones who beg for free speech when it’s in their favour but attack the supporters of free speech, sometimes with physical violence, when it’s not in their favour.

You, Bill Donohue, are an assclown and don’t deserve the freedom of speech which you yourself can’t respect enough to give to PZ.

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Rush Limbaugh is an anti-intellectual fat snob who deserves nothing less than the constant shun of every community he claims to be a part of as well as the intellectuals whom he despises so. He shows an incredible misunderstanding of science and basically everything else in reality.

In an article of his, he talks about the Higgs boson and completely distorts what the Higgs boson actually is. It’s not a particle to prove god. It’s something that exists in the insane field of quantum physics. The physics of how things work at a sub-atomic level. Quantum physics is largely theoretical, so we’re still trying to directly prove something that we know exists via mathematics.

But what is it?


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Just like the Disco tute’s blind Wedge Document, a broader detailing of the Wedge Strategy, I’ve made up my own legal term: Now the Candle Burns at both Ends.

But what does it mean?

The term mutually assured destruction is one that I would reference. The reason why the US doesn’t destroy Russia or Russia the US is because they know that whoever made the move first would have started a war that ends in nuclear war. At least, this seems likely. Nuclear war means no more humans. Instead of one losing the battle, they both lose out. That’s the basic tenant of mutually assured destruction.


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