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Our #4 person on the list of Creationist failures has a blog setup on Blogspot.com, a blogging service owned by Google.

His blog you can find here.

Some of the logic used on the site is stunning at best. For example;

“So, a talking snake, a man living in a whale’s stomach for three days, a virgin pregnancy and a man walking on water, don’t contradict logic?”

So, a talking parrot, three hundred people flying through the sky in a big tin can called a 747, a human being growing inside another person, men walking on the moon, don’t contradict logic? Of course they do, if you are small-minded. However, science and technology have exploded the word. It has a completely different meaning than it had one hundred years ago.

OK, what? It continues.



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Looking through the wordpress statistics for yesterday and today I noticed that someone found my blog through a curious search of the wordpress system. I just felt like I should share this curious search with you.

atheists are ignorant


Oh my yes, atheists ignore the facts of god’s creation and cling to that evil evolution and the big bang, both of which are just silly theories. Atheists also ignore the wonderful works of Answers in Genesis, and most importantly, Gensis itself. Genesis being the scientific explanation for the universe.


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First things first: YOU stole MY story, I’m stealing YOURS! (I know it wasn’t the same subject matter in Ray Comfort’s case, but I was actually going to write on basically everything he did ;-; )

Anyway Michelle Malkin got an ad pulled from Dunkin Donuts for… what else… the notion that by wearing a scarf, the main person portrayed in the commercial must be a Nazi, or something. (The correct something is a terrorist, Islamic terrorist)

This really made me wonder: what the hell, Dunkin?

I have never heard of something as irresponsible as an entire ad being removed from circulation because of a scarf. I’ve also not heard it claimed very often that certain types of scarves are only warn by Islamic terrorists. I guess that’s the liberal media, at it again, brainwashing me to hate America.


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Ending the day of Saturday, May 24th, and looking ahead to Monday, May 26th for the new Venom record entitled “HELL”, I would like to ask a question to all my atheistic readers: let’s try to understand them.

Some of us have been christians, muslims, et cetera, and then… grew up. We realized, whether wrong or right, that life doesn’t require fairytales to explain, nor does the complexity of it, or existence of the universe at all. I concede that I myself do not know everything. I also concede that science doesn’t. But we (science and I) do know quite a lot.

For example: did you know that sandcastles, airplanes, and likewise are absolutely nothing like human DNA? Did you know that they’re made in no way similar to how we’re ‘created’?

Well, let’s forget all of this science hogwash, and take our journey into the realm of creationism.


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