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Rush Limbaugh is an anti-intellectual fat snob who deserves nothing less than the constant shun of every community he claims to be a part of as well as the intellectuals whom he despises so. He shows an incredible misunderstanding of science and basically everything else in reality.

In an article of his, he talks about the Higgs boson and completely distorts what the Higgs boson actually is. It’s not a particle to prove god. It’s something that exists in the insane field of quantum physics. The physics of how things work at a sub-atomic level. Quantum physics is largely theoretical, so we’re still trying to directly prove something that we know exists via mathematics.

But what is it?



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Just like the Disco tute’s blind Wedge Document, a broader detailing of the Wedge Strategy, I’ve made up my own legal term: Now the Candle Burns at both Ends.

But what does it mean?

The term mutually assured destruction is one that I would reference. The reason why the US doesn’t destroy Russia or Russia the US is because they know that whoever made the move first would have started a war that ends in nuclear war. At least, this seems likely. Nuclear war means no more humans. Instead of one losing the battle, they both lose out. That’s the basic tenant of mutually assured destruction.


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I’m a regular visitor to my good friend Ray Comfort’s blog. He’s a very smart guy who believes in young Earth Creationism and has actually said you can’t be a Christian if you are one for an extended period of time and still ‘believe’ in evolution.

OK, in his defense, I’m not sure whether or not he used the micro- vs. macro- evolution save. If the opportunity presents itself, I’m sure he did. After all, he knows viruses evolve and wants to use our medicine to extend his very valuable life, but doesn’t believe in that heathen part where humans evolved from monkeys.

God damn it man, I’m almost at nerves end reading this guy’s blog. Before someone decides to defend him, let me just say that I’m sure he’s a completely normal and cool guy if you know him, sinner or not. No, really. But for all intents and purposes, Ray Comfort is a douche like no other, with the possible exception of his partner in anti-crime, Kirk “Dumbass” Cameron.


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Our #4 person on the list of Creationist failures has a blog setup on Blogspot.com, a blogging service owned by Google.

His blog you can find here.

Some of the logic used on the site is stunning at best. For example;

“So, a talking snake, a man living in a whale’s stomach for three days, a virgin pregnancy and a man walking on water, don’t contradict logic?”

So, a talking parrot, three hundred people flying through the sky in a big tin can called a 747, a human being growing inside another person, men walking on the moon, don’t contradict logic? Of course they do, if you are small-minded. However, science and technology have exploded the word. It has a completely different meaning than it had one hundred years ago.

OK, what? It continues.


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Intelligent Design isn’t only hated by critics (i.e. the whole of the scientific community) for being blatantly pseudo-science. It’s also hated for being like a bad parade. There are trucks carrying gigantic designs that look cool at first, but then you realize it’s just a bunch of drawings on cardboard held up on both sides of the trucks. In fact, it’s not even 3D. It’s just… drawn.

This, my friends, is just like intelligent design.


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The claim that archeoraptor is a fake is completely true — no BS there. But what they won’t mention is other “missing links” like Archaeopteryx. Hell, they also won’t mention things like Tiktaalik, Archaeothyris, or Ambulocetus, but it’s probably safe to say they don’t believe in any of them.

There’s a very tentative list of transitional fossils at Wikipedia that shows that there is certainly one or more transition out there.

What they fail to mention is that archaeoraptor wasn’t even thought to be anything by the scientific community because no one had even studied it. Once someone got the chance to study it, the fossil was quickly found out to be fake. Fake in the sense that the fossil hunter had likely placed the bones of two species together unknowingly. This all happened in less than one year. Archaeopteryx, on the other hand, has been known since 1862 and is most definitely not a fake.

For more information on archaeoraptor, click here.

Kirk Cameron is a failure, added to the list of many who have been quickly proven wrong with some simple knowledge. In fact, I’ve never heard one convincing creationist argument against evolution — and with good reason — because there isn’t one.

I’m making a list of the creationist failures. This can be considered post one of the series, so congrats to our number one:

  1. Kirk Cameron


Also, Darwinism doesn’t exist. Any atheist involved in evolutionary theory would know this, plus the guy at the end was looking at something a few different times that seemed to catch his interest. He was reading from a teleprompter. Yeah, failure.

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One of the things that is most commonly seen amongst the creationist community is the notion of microevolution, which states that evolution on a small scale, limited to mostly simpler organisms, does happen. Often, the term macroevolution is associated with this and says that large creatures can’t do the same.

The human body is made up of so many smaller cells, and bacteria works for us in so many ways… It’s hard to imagine that this supposed microevolution couldn’t happen for say… a few million years… and produce an entirely new species. At least it’s hard for me to imagine that.

But there’s an underlying issue here. One that is often overlooked, and one that I’d say many people don’t know about.


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