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On FSTDT, we have our own saying that we took from futurama. When a fundie explains evolution or the big bang wrong, as not a single one of them has gotten it right, we say that or a variation thereof. For instance: the big bang does not work that way!

Evolution explains something observed in nature: species are not fixed. Through different environments in nature, species adapt over time into completely new types of animal. Or just die out, but the ones we care about are the ones that adapted.

Anyway, evolution seems to be a pretty simple concept, yes? Well, groups like Answers in Gensis have been fighting it since like the 1980s and still don’t have a firm grasp on it.



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I stumbled upon an article at another WordPress blog that is very informative (and by all means deserves your traffic more than my lowly blog) on an unusual issue: strange maps. I highly recommend it, I’m a fairly average reader myself. How I found it this time though was that it links to my blog (sort of), which I found very cool, because it’s so relevant to what I talk about over and over and over…

But don’t take my word for it! Check it out yourself.

It’s about the subject of evolution and how it is taught on a per-state basis. The answer to how well it is taught in (most) states shouldn’t shock you. Most states are satisfactory; though this says it’s OK there, this is only partially true because this pertains to general evolution and not human evolution and may or may not talk about especially important parts of evolution, such as the evolution of viruses, which is very critical for people considering the field of medicine.

In the category of unsatisfactory, useless, or absent falls the second most states. Two of them were very obvious to me. Kentucky and Ohio.


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