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A few days ago I linked to the video for Beware the Believers, thinking it could possibly be a viral video for Expelled. Our Newsflash of the day… it is. Michael Edmondson, owner of Float On Films, created Beware the Believers to promote expelled.

I created (and danced) the “Richard Dawkins: Beware The Believers” viral ad for “Expelled : No Intelligence Allowed” found here:


The viral ad received 200, 000 views on the web during the three weeks prior to the (Expelled) release. I also have a visual effects credit for the film Expelled.



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I love this video, and if it’s propaganda for Expelled (as many have speculated over a period of many months), it’s no doubt a hundred times better than Expelled could have ever been.

The elite here is comprised of: Richard Dawkins, Eugenie Scott, Daniel Dennett, Charles Darwin, PZ Myers, Sam Harris, and Christopher Hitchens.

My personal favorite character is Sam Harris, I think the grillz are funny. But Dennett is funny in anything like this, because he looks like Santa but most religious would tell you he embodies Satan instead. Also, when he comes out of nowhere and says “YEAH!”, I laughed hard. Of course, that particular “YEAH!” is seemingly taken from the Anthrax song I’m The Man. I could be wrong, though.

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Rush Limbaugh is an anti-intellectual fat snob who deserves nothing less than the constant shun of every community he claims to be a part of as well as the intellectuals whom he despises so. He shows an incredible misunderstanding of science and basically everything else in reality.

In an article of his, he talks about the Higgs boson and completely distorts what the Higgs boson actually is. It’s not a particle to prove god. It’s something that exists in the insane field of quantum physics. The physics of how things work at a sub-atomic level. Quantum physics is largely theoretical, so we’re still trying to directly prove something that we know exists via mathematics.

But what is it?


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Being the ├╝ber liberal (read: moderate) I am, I like sites such as fstdt and recently I found one thing of interest: Baptists for Brown 2008. As crazy as it sounds, the idea that the sun is the center of the solar system isn’t welcome there… Needless to say, neither is evolution.

It really looks like a parody, and believe me, I would be happy if it were… But I can’t tell. I looked for a disclaimer but couldn’t find any, so if someone could point one out, that’d be cool. Still, I’ve not much else to say on this wonderful phenomenon except…

Why don’t they hate me?

We’re using the same blogging system (WordPress.com!) and I’m a heavily controversial plus moderately popular blogger in support of evolution, atheism, and other true science, whilst at the same time dispelling religion, IDiots, and various other nonsensical belief systems.

That should be worse than a random gay guy, right? Oh wait, that’s the ultimate sin in Christianity… Well, luckily, I’m that too! So they’ve every (read: none at all) right to attack me vehemently.

Ah well, maybe they’ll notice my blog and put me on notice with bears thanks to the pingback directed at them. Until then, we wait…!

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The politicians hate the Grand Theft Auto series, and any violent videogame. However, I stated that politicians dislike them because both sides have their spots where a nut says a game has just gotten someone (or multiple parties) killed.

Beyond having a funny storyline with plenty of in-jokes that are rather typical of the over-the-top GTA series, this one takes politics and steps it up a notch. I mean, I thought that other games of the same series (notably San Andreas) did a good job of making fun of things, but this one is wowtastic in that aspect.

But this isn’t a blog for random ramblings on a cool videogame, so I’ll get to our main point shortly.


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I’ve blogged on this prior, but I think a reminder is needed and this is surely a valid one. Before I said we shouldn’t allow “Academic Freedom” in form of criticizing evolutionary theory in classes. I also said why, but apparently it’s not clear enough that people would understand. Or maybe they do — and don’t care.

In science, evolution is a fact. There’s also a theory of evolution. The theory explains how the fact works. The theory of evolution will never be perfect, because we’ll always be modifying it as new evidence comes out. This is, however, most certainly NOT a weakness. Theories are meant to change. Because we’ll never have all the information on how they work and et cetera.

Germ theory of disease, for example, is imperfect, but no one is going to flat-out deny the existence of germs, are they? Well, yes and no. Yes in strange conspiracy circles, no in any rational person who isn’t batshit insane.

The reason why we don’t want to allow people to criticize evolution is simple: if people criticize elements of it that haven’t yet been analyzed, there will be so much to criticize that people will overlook the obvious benefits reaped from evolutionary theory (medicine, for one) and ask why we’re even teaching it if it has so many holes. That’s what the intelligent idiot community wants, they want to teach what we’ve not yet figured out about evolution and exploit that to question if it even happens, regardless of what is being criticized.

Florida is treading a dangerous path, one that can only end badly if the IDiot community is allowed to continue their cynical (and fanatical) bullshit. Someone has to stop them, and if WE, the ones who care, don’t speak out, who does?

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Everyone had said Expelled was THE film. The creationists said this would defeat “Darwinism” and the Disco Tute banked on it. What they didn’t bet on was the legions of smart people who would step up to the plate to say it was nonsense. I even know creationists who believe what the film has done is just plain stupid. A friend of mine, who strongly believes in God and creationism, has said that the film itself was despicable, although he’s admitted to being a fan of Ben Stein, and has called him… Erm… Smart. Not my choice of words, but I can respect that.

I hate to say it, but it is.. honestly… over.


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