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Having a date set at the last moment is a bad thing. Things went wrong, and I couldn’t go to the Creation Museum. Regardless, a new date has been set well in advanced: July 15th.

See you then.


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Tomorrow, June 18th, I visit the legendary Creation Museum. I’d explain more but I’m pressed for time and sure you already know all about it, which is why you’re here.

So sometime in the next few days expect a write up, some pics, and possibly a vid or two. Shall I buy any merchandise? Shirts? Hats? Seriously — I want opinions! I’d love to walk around in Creation Museum garb for fun.

Almost here!

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Annoying title aside, there’s something that is about to make Louisiana go down the drain, quick. The dubiously titled Louisiana Science Education Act is about anything but science. I’m sure you wouldn’t have to dig too deep to find out that it’s endorsed by the Disco ‘tute and many other batshit insane Christian fundamentalist groups.

It’s another “Academic Freedom” front, which, as I’ve stated before, is not about Academic Freedom at all. Again, these policies that allow teachers to confront controversial issues are solely about making evolution seem like a fairytale and pimping their imaginary friend as the cause for everything. You don’t believe me?

This bill would allow:

  • Teaching of “holes” and so-called “gaps” in evolutionary theory which are really unresearched parts of evolutionary theory that will be tackled by scientists at some point in time. There are no “gaps” or “holes” in evolutionary theory.
  • Teaching that evolution is imperfect, and thus qualifies as a belief, similar to Christianity. Evolution, like any scientific theory, runs on data gathered through true research such as geology, archaeology, and genetics.
  • Teaching that evolution is controversial, and that there are really two sides, one side being creationism. There are not two sides on the scientific spectrum, as creationism, and furthermore, Intelligent Design, are not science. 99.9% of all scientists in related fields agree in full with evolution.

And much, much more nonsensical bullshit that the far right have become very successful in. The art of “Lying for Jesus.”

For everyone that doesn’t think this is a real threat, the reason you can survive tiberculosis, bacterial infections, the flu, even the fucking common cold, is due to knowledge gained by evolutionary biology put in motion by other fields of biology that rely on evolutionary knowledge. In other words, without evolution, you would probably be very sick or very dead.

Which is why this type of thought is not only the opposite of good science education, but downright dangerous, as I’ve outlined many, many times prior.

Even worse is that Gov. Bobby Jindal, possible Vice President candidate for John McCain, is a creationist, exoricst, anti-science, pro-creation buffoon who supports this stuff. I can’t see him denying it, so this bill or act looks as if it will make it into state legislation. I wish someone would step up and challenge it, but since it is fundamentally against the constitution, it will take one of two things:

  1. Someone picks on Creationism and creationists go on the offensive, believing that it would promote evolution, the big bang, and science over their imagination and ‘beliefs’. This would be the most pleasing part, due to the tables being turned on this dubious piece of legislation.
  2. We see another Kitzmiller vs. Dover case in the making when some idiot decides to bring creationism into the classroom in any form and forces it on the unwilling children, and then some smart Louisianian decides that enough is enough. This would be the most destructive; supporters of the act as well as creationists could then use it to substantiate the claims made in Expelled about “Big Science” silencing opponents to evolutionary theory. This, as you can imagine, would be bad.

That’s our special bullshit alert of the day, but it’s not over yet. One last thing…

  1. Kirk Cameron (Lying for Jesus: Kirk Cameron Edition)
  2. Dr. Jason Lisle (Reading Answers in Genesis: Probably easier when high.)
  3. Lee Strobel (Lee Strobel: Ex-Atheist or just ignorant?)
  4. Ray Comfort (Banana: Proof of creationism., Ray Comfort has a blog)
  5. Rhonda Storms (Fuck Rhonda Storms)
  6. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal

Newest Creationist Failure on our list.

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OK, I haven’t gone just yet, but I will be going fairly soon. I’ve put it off for as long as I could, but upon our trip to CEI (the eye institute of some Cincinnati place in Ohio…) a few days ago, I saw a commercial for the Creation Museum.

I wasn’t going to go at all, but since I’m a whore who desperately needs attention, I’m going to go sometime in the next month, hopefully. I’ll get some good pictures, maybe a video or two, some shirts, etc. All posted here for your viewing pleasure.

In the words of the immortal Paul McCartney, “Drag, isn’t it?”

The Creation Museum, ran by the fools at Answers in Genesis, supported by the IDeists at the Discovery Institute, is a mockery of true science and reason. However, they’ve got the right to say whatever they like. In fact, if I don’t like it, I can protest, but if I want to shut them down they’ve got every right to tell me to shove it up my ass.

But I don’t. As much as I hate it, I’m looking forward to seeing the fundamentalists, the legion of Jesus fishies in the parking lot, and the middle-aged housewives trying to tell their kids what is real and what the evil scientists have made up to destroy faith.

Oh god… it burnssssssssssss.

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