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Rush Limbaugh is an anti-intellectual fat snob who deserves nothing less than the constant shun of every community he claims to be a part of as well as the intellectuals whom he despises so. He shows an incredible misunderstanding of science and basically everything else in reality.

In an article of his, he talks about the Higgs boson and completely distorts what the Higgs boson actually is. It’s not a particle to prove god. It’s something that exists in the insane field of quantum physics. The physics of how things work at a sub-atomic level. Quantum physics is largely theoretical, so we’re still trying to directly prove something that we know exists via mathematics.

But what is it?



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I’m a regular visitor to my good friend Ray Comfort’s blog. He’s a very smart guy who believes in young Earth Creationism and has actually said you can’t be a Christian if you are one for an extended period of time and still ‘believe’ in evolution.

OK, in his defense, I’m not sure whether or not he used the micro- vs. macro- evolution save. If the opportunity presents itself, I’m sure he did. After all, he knows viruses evolve and wants to use our medicine to extend his very valuable life, but doesn’t believe in that heathen part where humans evolved from monkeys.

God damn it man, I’m almost at nerves end reading this guy’s blog. Before someone decides to defend him, let me just say that I’m sure he’s a completely normal and cool guy if you know him, sinner or not. No, really. But for all intents and purposes, Ray Comfort is a douche like no other, with the possible exception of his partner in anti-crime, Kirk “Dumbass” Cameron.


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Looking through the wordpress statistics for yesterday and today I noticed that someone found my blog through a curious search of the wordpress system. I just felt like I should share this curious search with you.

atheists are ignorant


Oh my yes, atheists ignore the facts of god’s creation and cling to that evil evolution and the big bang, both of which are just silly theories. Atheists also ignore the wonderful works of Answers in Genesis, and most importantly, Gensis itself. Genesis being the scientific explanation for the universe.


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I stumbled upon an article at another WordPress blog that is very informative (and by all means deserves your traffic more than my lowly blog) on an unusual issue: strange maps. I highly recommend it, I’m a fairly average reader myself. How I found it this time though was that it links to my blog (sort of), which I found very cool, because it’s so relevant to what I talk about over and over and over…

But don’t take my word for it! Check it out yourself.

It’s about the subject of evolution and how it is taught on a per-state basis. The answer to how well it is taught in (most) states shouldn’t shock you. Most states are satisfactory; though this says it’s OK there, this is only partially true because this pertains to general evolution and not human evolution and may or may not talk about especially important parts of evolution, such as the evolution of viruses, which is very critical for people considering the field of medicine.

In the category of unsatisfactory, useless, or absent falls the second most states. Two of them were very obvious to me. Kentucky and Ohio.


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I tried to think of a better title. I really, really did. But after such a victorious battle against creationism today (this blog destroyed all personal barriers with 370 hits, compared to 90 hits of my previous record), something had to ruin it.

That something would be my mom.

Being under the age of 18, I still live with my parents, and like any rebellious teen I want to leave. But that’s a bit irrelevant. Anyhoo, even though I’m a perfectly down to Earth and nice fellow (sans my lack of religion), my parents seem to think that I’m a devil incarnate for various reasons. Notably my air of superiority over them for their belief and my lack there of (note: it’s presumed, I don’t care if they have faith or not and get along well with many people of faith).


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